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Fruits and vegetables, nothing else! Contains 26 total unique fruits and vegetables in all 4 blends! Each pouch contains 4x servings of straight-up whole fruits and vegetables.

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Are you interested in hosting a tasting event? This is a great way to invite friends over and enjoy tasting delicious food that will take the stress out of cooking!

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Looking for a great way to earn money, become a Thrive Life Consultant, meet lots of new people, and share food that will make everyone’s life a lot easier!

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I wasn’t really interested in using Thrive when my daughter told me about it until I wanted to order the milk that my granddaughter drinks so I could have it for when she was over. I decided to order a few other things just to see what it was like. I found it so convenient and the quality was amazing. I love how the ingredients are just simply what that product is. Nothing added. Mashed potatoes have just potatoes unlike store bought instant mashed potatoes. The gravies are so delicious that I couldn’t believe I was missing out all that time – not to mention super simple! Love the products!  

Hi, I’m Kathy, an independent consultant for Thrive Life, and welcome to where you can find out the facts about this amazing food, the benefits, and its nutritional value.

I’ve always been concerned about making sure my family was eating right and that our meals had lots of variety and color. Healthy eating and proper nutrition is even more important these days! More and more people are looking for food that is gluten free, non-GMO, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and the list goes on… 

When I discovered Thrive Life my life just got a whole lot easier! Finally I could trust in a food that was healthy, nutritious, and full of flavor. It really is…SIMPLE. CLEAN. FOOD. 

You might be wondering by now WHAT IS THRIVE LIFE? In a proverbial “nutshell” it’s an online grocery store with every category of food you find in a regular grocery store like fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein and so much more… 

So what’s different about Thrive Life? For starters the food is allowed to ripen on the vine and 98% of all those nutrients are LOCKED IN! It’s like picking it fresh from your garden every day. Another great thing about Thrive Life food is that it tastes absolutely wonderful. 

In this website I will share with you the research that I’ve done and explain the nutritional value of individual foods, the pros and cons, and how Thrive Life food compares to other foods.